Wellcome to Shehala Foundation

Shehala Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization which formed in May 2011, providing outdoor free health care and financial support to Murong tribe orphans supported by Shehala IT limited and other Donors.

We realize the social commitments for the poor society and from there we have started this free outdoor health care clinic for the helpless poor people. It’s not only treatment, we do care also.

The foundation is actively engaged in helping the orphans. We look after their health, food and primary education.

We have great vision for these Philanthropy works. This is just a start with our minimum resources. Please get in touch with our foundation and our appeal to you all reach and generous donor to contribute for these poor people through our efforts.

Since it’s inception, Shehala foundation provided health services to 5,500 men, women and children along with supporting 99 orphans.