Health Services

Free Health Services

Nature of Service :
a) Out door Clinic ( Medical Service)
b) Prescription & Management
c) Mobile Medical Service if require
d) Medical Health Card Record
e) Refer to Khulna Medical College in case of serious patient
Registration No :
Registered with Joint Stock Company Khulna.# KHS – 401

Cause of Selection the area :
This area is just outside the metropolitan area of Khulna but there is no Government hospital or any health care clinic for low income people. But it is a populous area as there are quite good numbers of Jute Industries are surrounded by. Within 1 km radius from the operation center around 20,000 family lives and where 100,000 people stay in this area whose 50% are Low income people.

Preventive Operation System:
We have future plan to provide Vaccination (DPT, Polio, Vitamin A, Others) meal chart to require group. We will hold seminar and counseling for better life and healthy and hygiene atmosphere. Pathology lab in a small size will be added in addition to existing facilities.

Low income people and poor people are staying here that who can’t visit the doctors when necessary Doctor’s visit / fees are minimum tk.100 where as their daily income is around tk.250 maximum. So, to meet up their daily needs this fund is not sufficient. Therefore, we are beside them to help regarding their health problem.

Number of Patient expecting/target:
Assuming doctor will give time 15 minutes per patient to listen their complains and check up their health and treatment. So, 4 patients in one hour and 16 patients in one day and 64 patients in one week and 256 patients in one month.

Opening Time :
This outdoor clinic is open from 2.00 pm to 06.00 pm for 4 days in a week.

Mode of operation:
It is a free outdoor heath care center. Patients register their name after arrival and get one health card (book) and membership card with Tk.10/= each for every entry. They are given with a code Number where patient’s details history will be recorded and this number is fixed for each patient and card also. Patients visit the doctor and get advise and prescription, then go to pharmacy store (in house) to get minimum quantity of medicine with no money.







We have started the above outdoor clinic since May’2011 in a very low profile. Even though following patient treatment chart is our performance what we have achieved till June 2016.