About us

Since the inception of our IT business in 2004, we the board of Directors, those who are also from same family were thinking of social commitments for the Society. We had discussion among the
directors and the family members regarding the Philanthropic activities what we can perform and support. We decided to find out a Project Co-coordinator and Secretary General of our foundation.

Fortunately one of my friends who has some experienced in doing some social work and also life member of Red Crescent Society, Jessore, intended to extend his co-operation for forming this foundation.

Since May 2011 we have been stepped into a free clinic at Daulatpur, Khulna and another financial support to a project called “Murong Kallyan Fund” at Bandorban, Chittagong Hill Tracks from our company’s profit.



This is a non- political, non profitable and non- government Charitable Organization. This society will work for implementation of its following aims and objectives for the services of the people irrespective of religion , Cast and creed all the objectives will be implemented after obtaining necessary permission from the Government /Concerned authority / Competent authority and the objects contrary to the provision of section 20 of the Act shall be treated as ineffective.

1. To help to increase awareness among the disadvantage poor people particularly the distressed Women & Child about their Health and education and environmental problems.
2. To establish mass Hospital for easy and higher treatment facilities for the general people.
3. To establish run and maintain School, Madrasha, College, University, Para- Institution, Paramedic Course, Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center, Pathological Institution both general and Technical for the purpose of diffusion of useful knowledge among the people.
4. To undertake projects for rending charitable service to the people on health, nutrition, mother and child health cares, family planning. Sustain Agriculture & Environmental work.
5. To establish Vocational & Technical centers for distressed mother & child to help them self reliant.
6. Take challenge to remove the illiteracy from the adult and ensure child education among the poor underprivileged and street/ working children.
7. To arrange various education projects for the distressed child
8. To make awareness buildup on various subject through in the society, Early Marries, Human right, wage of women, demand divorcee, dowry and viral diseases Communal diseases.
9. To establish model School in the city area for expanding modern and update demanding education. (Subject to obtaining prior permission from the Concern authority).
10. To create projects for providing free medical Services Specially the maternity & Child, disadvantage & distress poor health care system.

11. To undertake preventive activities and to undertake projects for the treatment, rehabilitation or drug addict, cancer and aids, diabetic patients.
12. To organize seminar meeting workshop, Symposium for various social in sues and invite the relevant national recognized personality in the field
13. To rehabilitate the distressed mother & Child by providing emergency relief.
14. To distressed mother & child by taking help & co- operation from national and international organizations.
15. The approved executive committee will be able to include any program consistent with rule and the aims and objectives of the organization.


(1) Fund will be created according to the provision of the Act income and expenditure will be maintained properly.
(2) Income / profit of the Society will be Spent in implementing aims and objectives of the society and income the society shall not be distributed among the members of the Society by way of dividend bonus.